This page offers two services to the community:

  • “we need prayers for…”
  • “what can I pray for?”

The first is where we ask you to give us details of people, places, causes etc. that you would like our listeners and community to pray for.

The second is where we list, those from above, so that if you would like to pray for something, then here are some suggestions.


For the requests all we ask is that you provide some basic details about the recipient and some basic contact details so we can verify the request and possibly get some more details.

Please read our terms and conditions for submitting request, thank you.

icebergs frozen water melting in warmer climates!!

Enter a title to follow 'please pray for ' e.g "all hungry children"

If there is a website with more detail please enter the url here e.g. for the BBC website only enter, do not enter the www. or http:// we will handle that


Enter some detail (up to 500 chars) ideally cut and paste from an editor that has spell checked it