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Hi I am Mike (the mighty) Oak, or Michael David Oak for court appearances.

I am a Holy Spirit filled, Blood bought born again Christian, (and if He can do it for me...etc.).

I have 3 kids and a wife of 22 years (I married VERY young).

I have had the privilage of presenting the breakfast show, good afternoon AND the make hay Saturday show.

My vision is for Hope FM to become Gods' very own radio station, ( a bit like God TV, but erm, for the radio...), I love to attempt to portray Gods' love, His Grace and His wonderful sense of humour, whenever possible, neatly packaged around some bang up to date, relevant music, both mainstream and contempory (is that how you spell it?-ed)  Christian tunes, and I try to be as honest and upfront as I dare.

A bit about Mike…

Mike Oak

Make Hay Saturday


15:00 - 18:00