Christmas on Hope FM

Special Carol programs

Safely apart, but together in song!

If you love Christmas Carols as much as we do, make note of the times and dates of our special Christmas Carol shows…

Carols On The Doorstep

Wednesday 16th December at 6pm (repeated on Christmas Eve at 6pm).

How amazing would it be to have the whole country singing together? Tell all of your friends and tune in to Hope FM to be together in song from the safety of your own doorstep!

Carols In Cars

Saturday 19th December at 4pm.

For Carols in Cars, the idea is to get together in a car park with your friends and neighbours (Socially distanced so keep in your cars!) and tune in to Hope FM for our special carol sing-a-long in your cars.

Sing along to some wonderful carols with Hope FM, and if you don’t know the words, don’t worry, just click the link bellow to download a full Carol Sheet with everything you need to join in!

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