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Brian is a local boy from Southampton who has lived in Bournemouth for the last twenty two years. He has a background in the electro mechanical profession having worked for several companies including one of the the worlds leading manufacturers of cameras and office equipment.

His interest in radio and music was sparked in the 1950s when his grandmother sent a request to the BBCs’ “Uncle Mac” radio show to have a children’s song played for his birthday.

He remembers the joy of hearing his name coming out of that wooden box in the corner of the room with the glowing dial … that was it, “I was hooked” he says.

When the Offshore stations such as Radio Caroline and Big L commenced broadcasting from ships he was in radio bliss!

Many years later his passion for radio inspired him to join the local hospital station where he spent some very happy years as a ward visitor and presenter on a weekly afternoon show.

Brian now presents a The Sound of Soul & Motown on Hope FM sharing his love of music with listeners across BCP.

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