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Welcome to Greenborne: A New Radio Soap...

After the long months of lockdowns, the villagers of Greenborne begin to rebuild their personal and professional relationships as they negotiate the emerging freedoms of the summer of 2021 with renewed hope and optimism. When a major figure in the community finally makes her return from a long Covid imposed exile she threatens the village’s fragile return to normality…

In what is the first UK radio soap to be broadcast nationwide since Waggoners’ Walk, which ended in 1980, John plays Alan Godwin, the landlord of The Fox and Dragon. An ex-detective inspector and a real rough diamond, he is a tough, streetwise, but honest man with a copper’s nose for trouble. His village, Greenborne, is slowly waking from the long nightmare of Covid-19. Set six months in the future, it starts in the summer of 2021, when the entire country (and world) is adjusting to the new ‘normal’. The majority of the UK population has been vaccinated, but a series of ‘circuit breaker’ lockdowns are still in place. For now, the virus is considered to be under control…


John Altman [‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton from EastEnders)
Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Bergerac, EastEnders)
Raad Rawi (Tyrant, Dan Dare)
Corrinne Wicks (Emmerdale, Doctors)

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