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Ian lives in Wimborne.

He became interested in writing at an early age and had electronics articles and booklets published while still at school, inspiring technical books related to his  career in design, technology and publications, including a number of novels (see iankingsley.com for more information). Over many years, in-depth research resulting from his deep interest in creation and science led to publications and a strong faith that reflected his belief that science and the Christian religion are entirely compatible.

Ian presents INSPIRE on Hope FM which encourages others in their faith. The show aims to blend new, smooth and great songs with amusing, entertaining and inspiring words, including the ‘Praise Phase’, the principal aim being to use logic and evidence to stimulate faith in the curious and strengthen the faith of the believer.

Plus, brand new for 2022 – Maintenance Dose, a show which aims to bring you a weekly mix of ‘musical medication’, enabling you to truly relax and disengage your brain.

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