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Monday 5th April

On our show on Easter Monday Bank Holiday we are going to give you a special treat: The Passion by Adrian Snell.

This musical retelling of the Passion Story was first released a little over 40 years ago and has beautiful music and songs that you’re sure to enjoy. Join us from 7pm and relax to this very special musical treat.


Monday 12th April

We will be talking to a local couple, Peter and Jill du Feu, authors of a new book, ‘No Pit Too Deep.

In their book, they share their own testimonies of how a truly tragic upbringing, abject betrayal, broken dreams and extreme failure that looked ready to destroy them and their marriage, when placed in the Hands of a loving God can be turned around and given real hope and a future. A powerful but true story that will encourage you and reveal the endless saving grace and love of God.


Monday 19th April

The musical maestro Jonathan Veira returns with a brand new album, ‘Lockdown 2: Memories’.

Following on from the first Lockdown album of songs recorded during the Lockdown and watched online by thousands on Sunday evenings in ‘Live from The Steinway Room’, we are treated to more wonderful singing and playing with songs ranging from classics like ‘Misty’ and ‘Ole Man River’ – this version will blow your socks off! – through to the beautiful ‘Danny Boy’ and the eponymous ‘Moments,’ and lots more, you will relax to the best feelgood singer I know!


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Thanks for joining us so far and if you know someone with a story to tell or who works for a Christian organisation helping any individual sector of society, I’d love to hear about them and bring their stories and work to our listeners. Drop me a line with brief details and a contact number to



Why the 4th Dimension? Well, think about it this way: if I gave you a slice of chocolate brownie, you could measure it by its length, breadth and height but would that give you the information you really want to know? Of course not, what you’re really interested in is how it tastes! The only way to really know is to take a bite and enjoy its chocolatey goodness….

Ok, so we feel that the Christian life is like that: you can’t just measure it by how often someone prays, reads the Bible and goes to chuch, as important as those things are. No, you need to see and hear what it is like to live as a Christian in our everyday lives. So, on the 4th Dimension, we want to encourage and inspire others by hearing how people have gone through all manner of things and how they have dealt with them, be that simply going to work and being part of a family right through to major trials of life such as unemployment, abuse, health issues or even bereavement.

Each week, Rob & Di Barron and occasional special guests take different subjects – some of which are revisited from time to time when appropriate – and talk about them in a very relaxed way and think about how we apply our faith in different areas of life.


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