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Monday 22nd November: Special guest: Ishmael
Ishmael (Ian Smale) has been at the forefront of Christian Family Worship for about five decades. Well-known for songs like ‘Father God I Wonder’ and ‘Jehovah Jireh, God Will Provide’, he has written hundreds of songs that help young people to engage in worship but also which help people of all ages to learn Scripture verses through singing.

Ish has been a popular family worship leader at events such as Spring Harvest for many years along with his lovely wife, Irene, but their journey of faith has seen some very tough periods, not least being when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. He will be sharing his story with us and we will be playing some of his wonderful songs, especially from his new Scripture Verses album just in time for Christmas!

Monday 6th December: Brand new album release from Jonathan Veira

Hear some beautiful new versions of classic Christmas songs on this new CD, the third in the ‘Lockdown Sessions Trilogy.’

With songs ranging from ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ to ‘Mistletoe & Wine’ and ”All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ there is something for everyone. We’ll also hear a radio first broadcast of a song written by Graham Kendrick called ‘Adore’ which includes members of the JV Community online as backing singers.
Jonathan will be joining us live to talk about this perfect Christmas gift and we’ll be listening to many of the songs. You’re going to love it!
Monday 13th December: Special guest: Steve Legg

You may need to turn down the radio slightly ‘cos Steve’s shirts are LOUD!
Steve Legg, comedian, escapologist, illusionist, magazine editor and evangelist makes a welcome return to The 4th Dimension to talk about two more fab Christmas gift ideas.
The first is an absolutely beautiful animation film called ‘It’s A Boy’ which tells the nativity story from the eyes of three quails with the voices of Steven Berkoff, Joe Pasquale and Cannon & Ball among others. It’s a top quality Christmas film that has become an annual ‘must-watch’ in the Barron household! The second gift is another top quality item that keeps on giving, the men’s magazine that women also love to read called ‘Sorted’. We’ll hear all about this magazine from Steve as he joins us live on The 4th Dimension.
Monday 20th December: The Traditions of Christmas
Are we in danger of losing some of the traditions of Christmas and the meaning of them? Rob Barron thinks so but is on a mission to save them and maybe reintroduce them to you as we consider their significance to the Christian story of Jesus coming to earth as a little baby to bring redemption to the world.
So, why do we hang stockings up, put holly wreaths on our doors, have candy canes and an extra day called Boxing Day? Find out the answers to these and many more wonderful traditions that help to keep the true meaning of Christmas in our homes and lives.
Monday 27th December: Boxing Day…. Oh yes it is!
Today is actually Boxing Day because traditionally it does not fall on a Sunday so as the 26th is Sunday, Boxing Day is on 27th this year. In the media it will still be described as being the day after Christmas but there are good reasons why this day is celebrated and why it doesn’t fall on a Sunday. We’ll think about this and what the day is all about as well as playing loads of great Christmas music on the last 4th Dimension of the year. Fun chat, great music, a break from the telly…. what’s not to like? 😀

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Thanks for joining us so far and if you know someone with a story to tell or who works for a Christian organisation helping any individual sector of society, I’d love to hear about them and bring their stories and work to our listeners. Drop me a line with brief details and a contact number to



Why the 4th Dimension? Well, think about it this way: if I gave you a slice of chocolate brownie, you could measure it by its length, breadth and height but would that give you the information you really want to know? Of course not, what you’re really interested in is how it tastes! The only way to really know is to take a bite and enjoy its chocolatey goodness….

Ok, so we feel that the Christian life is like that: you can’t just measure it by how often someone prays, reads the Bible and goes to chuch, as important as those things are. No, you need to see and hear what it is like to live as a Christian in our everyday lives. So, on the 4th Dimension, we want to encourage and inspire others by hearing how people have gone through all manner of things and how they have dealt with them, be that simply going to work and being part of a family right through to major trials of life such as unemployment, abuse, health issues or even bereavement.

Each week, Rob & Di Barron and occasional special guests take different subjects – some of which are revisited from time to time when appropriate – and talk about them in a very relaxed way and think about how we apply our faith in different areas of life.


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